Blood Collection System

Vacuum Blood Cellection Tube, Mirco&Capillary Blood Collection Tube, Non-Vacuum Blood Collection Tube, Disposable Needles, Sharp Containers

Specimen Container

Urine Container, Stool Container, Sputum Container, Specimen Container

Petri Dishes & Loop& Spreader

Petri Dishes, Inoculating Loops, Cell Spreader

Transport Swab

Swab, Swab With PP Tube, Transport Swab With Medium

Disposable Transfer Pipette

Disposable Transfer Pipette

Pipette Tip Multi Well Plate

Pipette Tips, Rack For Tips, Multi Well Plate

Test Tube and Rack

Test Tube, Rack for Test Tube, Centrifugation Tube, Rack for Centrifugation Tube


Cryovials, Box For Cryovials

Sample Cup&Cuvette

Sample Cup, Cuvette

Nursing Plastic Ware

Vaginal Speculum, Tweezers, Sponge Holder